The linking of Israel and Canada is of prime importance to both of our nations as we recognize the times and seasons we are in.

Israel’s Peace Ministries is a Canadian ministry, actively involved in supporting and promoting the “apple of Gods eye”, the nation of Israel.


National Email Prayer Network

We have established a, national email prayer network , where we highlight weekly prayer points concerning things happening in the land of Israel today.


Why We Stand with Israel

Too often in the North American church we have both Pastors and Congregations that at best are neutral when it comes to supporting Israel and the Jewish people. The bible was written by Jewish men about the Jewish nation. Through the mercy of God, He has allowed gentiles to be grafted into His family and partake in the blessings He designed for the Jewish people and their nation. We stand with them—are they perfect—no, but we stand with them because they are His chosen people. Some try and justify their lack of support by embracing the heresy of “replacement theology”. The gentile church has not nor ever will replace the “apple of His eye”, the Jewish people and the land of Israel. We must also be a voice against anti semetism whenever it raises its destructive head. I encourage you, take a stand as a lover of Israel.

  • God has a covenant with the Jewish people and we are part of His family.
  • Jesus was a Jewish man and we are grafted in through Him.
  • Jesus is coming soon and will return, placing His foot on the Mount of Olives in Israel.
  • Genesis chapter 12 says He will bless those that bless her (Israel).                               

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Israel’s Peace Ministries speaks in churches and conferences across the Nation

We speak in many churches across Canada highlighting, why we should stand with Israel, and display and promote Israel at conferences and gatherings across Canada.

We help equip congregations to understand the necessity and urgency of supporting Israel now more than ever before.