How can we know when God will bring a "suddenly" upon us?  It seems that when you are not looking for it or expecting it, there it is.  You know that it's His voice speaking inside you, because everything changes.  You can't get away from it.  It won't go away and it pops up everywhere, (it seems). It's the Father speaking through others, through events , through His word and then very loudly through that still small voice inside.

It happened that way for me early in 2006.  I was watching the Miracle Channel.  The director of Messianic Times was being interviewed.  In the midst of speaking about the Times, he said one sentence that has compelled me.  He said, "There are Messianic Pastors and Congregations that are being persecuted and oppressed in the land of Israel". The sentence was out of context with the other things he was discussing and after he said it, he went back to his main topic.

As the weeks and months rolled by after I heard that one sentence, I realized that this wasn't something that was going away.  In fact it grew on the inside.  I began to investigate and found out that it was true.  To what extent I didn't know but over the next months I learned of hardships that were rampant in the Messianic community in Israel.  I had to do something.  I just couldn't stand by and be a sympathetic observer.  I formed a small group (3 couples) that became the board.  We registered a non profit organization and applied for our tax exempt status.  ISRAEL'S PEACE MINISTRIES, was birthed.

At that point we didn't have anything but direction from God and confirmation from Holy Spirit saying that "this is the way, walk in it". It became apparent that we needed to go to the land and experience this, first hand. To meet the Pastors and the people; to see and feel (to a small degree) what they have experienced. God continued to confirm His word, even down to the miraculous supply of the finances for the airfare to Israel. What we learned has been truly life changing. Three of us, (the three men from the original couples) went to Israel for a whirlwind, seven day trip. We had contacts, rented a car, and covered 1300 km's from the north to the south of the Land of Israel.

We visited 16 Pastors and heard their stories. We heard how they had been put out of their rented buildings and actually met in the forest for 24 months until they could secure another building. How pictures of the congregation members were secretly taken and then put on handbills, declaring that these people were dangerous and to have nothing to do with them. We learned of a Pastor in Gaza being shot, and another Pastor in Ramallah being threatened with the same fate. We heard about meetings being disrupted and the Pastor being literally thrown into the baptismal tank. Of Pastors wives being harassed to such an extent that they couldn't go to the market or shopping. Of Pastors houses being threatened, windows broken, and their meeting places being set on fire...and much more.

We saw men and women investing their lives to declare that Jesus is for the Jew and Gentile alike. They are sold out and will do whatever it takes to see Him lifted up.

When we said that it must be so difficult and that they are going through so much, the response was, "It is a great privilege to serve the Lord".  Not one word of complaint or hardship. I believe this is true Christianity at work in the Land.

Although no one asked for money, ISRAEL'S PEACE MINISTRIES wants to stand alongside them. They have sacrificed everything and have only said, "It would be wonderful to know that people in Canada are praying for us". They need to have support so they don't have to work two jobs as well as Pastor the congregation. They need equipment to do the work. They need funding to go to the villages that have no Christians in them, (yes, zero) and start new Messianic works.

We have begun a prayer network. We are in touch with the Pastors in Israel by email. We hear of things almost as they happen. When there is an urgent need or a crisis, we will activate the prayer network. You can be a part of that by e-mailing our prayer centre.

You can contact ISRAEL'S PEACE MINISTRIES at 12-111 Fourth Ave, Suite 369 St. Catharines, ON, L2T 3P5