Apostle Rick & Pastor Cathy Ciaramitaro - Windsor Christian Fellowship, Windsor On

"Cathy and I have know George and Marilyn for many years and esteem them as people of character and dedication.  We believe in the cause of Israel's Peace Ministries and encourage you to support them through your prayers and financial giving."


David Kalamen - Kelowna Christian Centre, BC

“The scripture tells us that Israel is a central focus for the Father and the apple of His eye.  He desires that His chosen people would come to know His Son.  I heartily support the work that Israel's Peace Ministries is doing and encourage you to prayerfully and financially stand with them.  We all can be a part of the ingathering of souls in the Land of Israel as we unit ourselves together.”


Avi Mizarchi  - Messianic Pastor in Tel Aviv, Israel  

I have known George and Marilyn for a few years and recognize the important work they are doing to aide the persecuted messianic pastors and leaders in Israel.  Their heart for the people and the Land of Israel warrants your prayers and financial support.”


 Jenny Van Berkel  - Praying Grandmother - St. Catharines, On.

"I am an 80 year old great-grandmother who prays and believes that God is going to do supernatural things in the Land of the Bible within my lifetime.  His heart is to have the Jew and the Gentile hear about the love He has for them. I believe that Israel’s Peace Ministries has a part to play in seeing this Gospel available to the Jew. I urge you to be a part of what He is doing.”


Judith MacDonald  - Intercessor - Jordon Station, On.

"My heart has always been very tender towards Israel. I know that God’s desire is to see His Son embraced by all mankind and especially His chosen people, the Jews. Israel’s Peace Ministries supports the persecuted leader in the Land through prayer and financial blessing. I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend this ministry.  It will make a lasting impact in the Land of Israel.”


 Mike & Linda Welch - Capital City Church -  Ottawa, ON

"Lynda and I have known George and Marilyn Woodward for many years and see the genuine desire they have to bless the Land of Israel and the persecutetd Messianic congregations in the Land.  The Gospel must be preached to the Hebrew and the Gentile.  We can not always go ourselves, but we can support those in Israel that are willing to give their all to preach the Word of God to their fellow countrymen.  Join me in supporting this worthwhile cause."


 Francis & Edith Armstrong - Third Day Worship Centre, Kingston, On.

"My heart will always be tied to Canada and I know that God is doing great things in and through our nation.  At the same time, I recognize that the world and especially the Land of Israel is near and dear to the Fathers heart.  The gospel must be preached to both the Jew and the Gentile.  My wife and I, along with our church, support and endorse the work of Israel's Peace Ministries as they hold up the hands of the persecuted pastors and congregations in the Land of Israel.  If you desire to invest in a ministry that is impacting the Nation of Israel, I suggest you prayerfully consider supporting Israel's Peace Ministries."


Peter & Cathryn Nash - Frontline Worship Centre, Sylvan Lake, AB

"For many years my wife and I have had Israel in our hearts.  After traveling to the Land numerous times, we recognize that Israel is in desperate need of the Gospel.  There are many Messianic pastors that are investing their lives to preach the Gospel and are enduring great hardship and persecution as they do.  Israel's Peace Ministries is prayerfully and financially standing with them.  If you are looking for a place to invest in the souls of the Nation of Israel, I recommend this ministry."