Yaakov Dolinsk

The name of this brother's congregation is Tzur Yeshuati, which means, "the Rock of My Salvation". He is located in Upper Nazareth. 

There are about 45,000 people in Upper Nazareth but only about 200 believers. There are 60,000 people in Lower Nazareth, with about 500 believers. Yaakov has pastored for 8 ½ years. He took over from the founding pastor, who is now 81 years of age. This congregation was forced from their building, and had been meeting in the forest for quite some time. They are now renting a building, which they hope they will be able to purchase one day. They do door-to-door evangelism with members of their congregation, in their own communities. They sent invitations to every household in Upper Nazareth and had 600 responses asking for literature!