David & Karen Davis

David and Karen Davis have a church and ministry called Kehilate Hacarmel. Pastor David really is a father not only to this congregation, but to many others as well. He has connections around the world and travels quite a bit. Theirs is a very lively congregation of about 350 members. Karen leads worship and does a wonderful job.

David was very interested in the ministry of Israel’s Peace, and I know from speaking with him, and having lunch with he and his wife that he will be an ally of IPM. 

David and Karen are very well known and respected in the country. They have an outreach work in downtown Haifa, almost right at the port, where he deals with drug addicts, alcoholics, and prostitutes. He has seen 100’s of them come to the Lord. He also has a discipleship training school and a large facility on Mt Carmel.

When speaking to him, he said probably the most vulnerable and oppressed group in the country are the Ethipioan Jews.  They are a weak group that don’t have any political clout and are easily abused and oppressed, but there are a number of them that are really trying to do something in the land.

We also spoke to him about our prayer initiative, and he was most interested in our specific focus in prayer for Israel.