Israel Pochtor

Ashdod is a city of 230,000 people located 40 km south of Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean Sea. Until Pastor Israel and his family arrived, there were very few believers there. The congregation in Ashdod is very evangelistic, seeing many young people coming to know Yeshua as their Messiah. This congregation is believing for their city to be transformed and completed by the power and love of God.

Yo-Yakim Figueras

Arad is a desert community of 25,000 people, located at the southern tip of the Dead Sea. Pastor Yo Yakim, his wife and their 6 children are committed to the proclamation of Yeshua as the Messiah for all mankind. This family and those that work with them have dedicated themselves to the people and the land of Israel.

Sergie Borcharnikov

Nazareth, a city of 70,000 people is located in the north of Israel in the region of Galilee. Pastor Sergey and his family not only have a heart for their city but also the towns surrounding them. Their love for the people, their love for the land and their love for the Messiah are evident to all they interact with.


Afula, a small community south of Nazareth, was devoid of any Messianic presence. A group from the Nazareth congregation were led by God to go to this community and proclaim that Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah.

Beit She'an
Eliav Levin

Beit She'an is a city of 17,000 people located in Northern Israel at the junction of the Jordon River Valley and the Jezreel Valley. Pastor Eliav, his wife and four children have overcome many obstacles to take the gospel to this community and since then, many have come to know their Messiah.

There are 13 other congregations that are waiting and desperately in need of our help.