George & Marilyn Woodward

George & Marilyn Woodward are the founders of Israel’s Peace Ministries. They see Israel and the Jewish people as the apple of God’s eye and key elements in His end time plan. They feel it is an honour to serve Him and support the people of the Land.

Marilyn was born and raised in Southern Ontario. Her background includes founding and operating a Crisis Pregnancy Centre, teaching Bible School classes and co-pastoring with her husband.

Marilyn is the President


Christer & Ulla Ireborg

Pastor Christer Ireborg is the Senior Pastor of Niagara Worship Centre in Niagara Falls, Canada.

Christer and his wife, Ulla, pastored for many years in Sweden before coming to Canada in 1994. Christer has travelled the world preaching and teaching and has lead many tours to Israel. His heart for the land, coupled with his love for the people compels him to bless and support what God is doing in Israel.

Christer is the Secretary

David Dion

Dave & Evelyn Dion

Dave Dion and his wife, Evelyn, attended Bible School and have pastored churches and worked in ministry for many years. Both Dave and Evelyn come with strong business backgrounds and successful careers in the marketplace. Their hearts for Israel coupled with their ministerial experience and business background make them an integral part of the ministry team at IPM.

Dave is the Treasurer

Jeff & Janet

Jeff and Janet Forman

Rabbi Jeff Forman and his family, although born in the United States, were called of God to open a Messianic Congregation in the heart of Toronto's Jewish community called, 'City of David'. Rabbi Jeff is also a sought-after conference speaker and teacher.

Jeff has a desire to see Jewish people from all walks of life come to know  that Yeshua is indeed Messiah and Lord. He has a special yearning for the well-being of his Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel, both spiritually and physically. Jeff comes to Israel's Peace Ministries with a perspective and understanding that his heritage and upbringing in a Jewish family give him. This, coupled with his personal relationship with Yeshua, gives him the ability to touch a wide facet of society.


Wendy Martin

Wendy is the newest Board Member at Israel’s Peace Ministries and brings with her much business and ministerial experience. She was the national coordinator for a Canadian Ministerial Association and is currently the Dean of Students at a dynamic Bible School in southern Ontario.

Wendy has a heart for Israel and especially for the men and women who are investing their lives to see the message of the Messiah come to the Land.

Wendy represents this next generation of dedicated, on fire young people that want to see the Messiah revealed to all people, both the Jew and the Gentile. Her heart for the Land, its culture, and its place in God’s unfolding time-table is very evident in her life.