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The Word of God

The Bible was first transmitted orally from one generation to the next. Each account was memorized to insure every detail was passed on with complete accuracy. When the text was finally written down, it was considered so holy that those who would read it aloud did not touch the scroll with their hands but used a Torah scroll pointer.  The word of God, the bible, has been preserved and reverenced century after century to where today, we are convinced that the Holy Spirit inspired pages are exactly what God desires for His church to have.

The bible was written to Israel.

The bible was written about Israel.

The bible was written by Jewish men.

The bible was written to reveal the Jewish Messiah.

Jesus was Jewish. He grew up as a Torah observing young man in an Old Testament fundamental household. He loved the scriptures.  In the Aaronic line, young boys of two years old were given the used scrolls covered with honey. They were encouraged to eat the honey from the scrolls so they would equate the wonderfully sweet honey and with the scriptures.

I trust that you are also a lover of the Word of God


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