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The Fire of God

The place is Mt. Carmel in northern Israel. The date was 906 B.C. There was a showdown happening. The prophets of Baal (400 of them) were pitted against Elijah. The question was, “who’s God (god) is stronger. You probably know the rest of the account. An alter was built; water was poured on it and the God of the universe sent FIRE; killed all the false prophets, burnt up the sacrifice and even burnt up alter.  Today when you go there, you can see a place where something has almost melted the surface  the rock. I encourage you to go and look for yourself.

God hasn’t finished with the FIRE. Jesus said that He would baptise us with FIRE and the Holy Spirit and also burn up the chaff with unquenchable FIRE.

I believe that another showdown is coming. The gods of this world think they can overcome and do away with the living God.  FIRE is coming again. I believe that this time it will be fire burning on the inside of His people; the Jewish people and us, the grafted in ones.  Revival is coming to the lives of millions of Christians and Reformation to our nation.

Do we dare to say together, FIRE OF GOD, COME!

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