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The Feasts of Israel

In biblical times and even today, the nation of Israel observed nine feasts or celebrations. These feasts signified very specific events and where meant first to give thanks to God for His goodness and also to bring families and the nation together for a time of celebration.

The feasts lasted anywhere from one day to 16 days. During these times, there were three specific feasts that each Jewish male and his family had to come to Jerusalem as part of the celebration. Number one was Passover or the Feast of Unleavened Bread. The second was the Feast of Weeks or Pentecost and the last was the Feast of Tabernacles.

Passover                                   14 days in March or April
Unleavened Bread                  15 days in March or April
First Fruits                                16 days in March or April
Pentecost                                  6 days in May or June
Trumpets                                   1 day in September or October
Day of Atonement                   10 days in September or October
Feast of Tabernacles               15 days in September or October
Dedication (Hanukkah)            8 days in September
Purim                                         15 days in December    

Seeing that Jerusalem was on the top of a mountain and was a walled city, you can imagine that during these three times a year when they all came to Jerusalem, the city was “wall-to-wall” people. It was a time like this when Jesus was 12 that He was, “lost” in the crowd and didn’t head back to Nazareth with the rest of them.  He was about His Fathers business.

Today, I think He wants us to be “lost” in the sea of humanity and to be about our Fathers business.

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