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Why would anyone be persecuted in Israel

Today, our secular media has a distorted portrait of what things are like in Israel. Israel is generally a very peaceful and safe place to be. There are a few exceptions —Gaza, Ramallah—but for the most part, it is a wonderful place to go and you will feel and be safe. I heartily encourage you to go to Israel. The bible will come alive as never before and you will come home saying, “when can I go again”.

There is a group within Israel however, that do not want to see the Messiah preached. Now if you go there yourself and speak about Jesus, there will be no difficulties and everyone will respect you and what you stand for.  The problem comes if you are a Jewish person, born in Israel who then receives the Messiah as their saviour and begins to tell other Jewish people about Him.

Persecution can come to your home, your work situation, your meeting place and even your family.  Local pastors have had their meeting places vandalized; their vehicles burned and been labelled as dangerous and subversive.

These are some of the reasons Israel’s Peace Ministries supports, persecuted pastors and congregations in the land of Israel.  You can be a part of the body that says, “I am standing with her! I won’t turn my back on the people or the Nation. Israel,  you can count on me”!

Please help us help them.

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